About 5GWA

Why have you formed this Alliance – don’t we have enough people looking at 5G already?

The 5G World Alliance (5GWA) has a considerable ambition in genuinely addressing the current rather “siloed” approach and worldwide technology fragmentation that exists. The 5GWA mission is to get Telecom, Internet and Content to sit together and design 5G to integrate all layers in the OSI model. 5G is not only about spectrum and access networks. There is a clear opportunity to integrate the fixed and wireless networks and build in new technologies such as IoT, Cloud Computing and SDN-NFV, all based on IPv6, while the current definition is still based on current IP networking using NAT, with CGN or not even taken into account.

What are you hoping to achieve?

The 5GWA will define the technology roadmap to get the standardisation bodies (SDOs) IETF, ETSI, 3GPP, ITU and W3C to work on integrated standards for not only the Telecom and Internet world, but to all sectors that have not yet integrated wireless Internet solutions into their processes and applications such as eHealth, Transportation, agriculture, smart cities, etc.

Some essential enablers are Interop and 5G readiness programs to get industry to co-operate and harmonise their communication solutions and standards adoption.

Have you got the support of the industry to create this new organisation?

The 5GWA will strive to garner support and win key players and early adopters to actively pioneer the definition of the 5G requirements and foster work in the technology, standards and business committees. Very encouraging feedback has already been received from the experts in this new  emerging technology in the founding members of the ETSI Industry Specification Group for IPv6 based 5G.

Why should companies join the 5G World Alliance?

This is a unique opportunity to shape the way the world communicates from 2020 onwards and founding members will take leadership in defining the roadmap of the alliance in a neutral and harmonising way. They will gain early knowledge without spending high dollars in technology research and market research to get a head start in piloting their solutions and becoming the pioneers in their market winning branding and market position in the exciting future that lies ahead.

What is the kind of work you are going to be doing when the Alliance gets started?

The steering committee will define the pieces of the roadmap with an integrated approach in defining the user requirements for real use cases such as eHealth, e-Transport, e-agriculture and invite the best experts from the members working in the IETF, ETSI, 3GPP, ITU to

Work together for the first time. The ETSI ISG will support the standardisation for the 5GWA.

Why is 5G such a significant step forward?

5G is not just 4G+. It’s an opportunity to have the user at center-stage and make all technologies work for him instead of the other way around. The vision is to have technology become transparent to the users and become an invisible critical infrastructure; lifting society to the next level to be served by technology. This will enable deployment of new critical mobile apps and critical mobile services way beyond the current web surfing and social apps.

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